• 更新时间:2016-02-29
  • 学历:本科
  • 工作地点:北京市
  • 语言要求:
  • 工作年限:不限
  • 招聘人数:5
  • 月薪:0-0元
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Candidate Specification: The successful candidates should have the following experience or academic background: 1.University degree in petroleum/production engineering 2.5+ years working experience 3.Good at spoken and written English, overseas working experience is highly preferred 4.Experienced in fluvial/lacustrine depositional environments 5.Rich experience in 2D/3D seismic interpretation, processing and mapping 6.Proven software competency in SeisWorks, PowerView, GeoProbe, OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Paradigm, Geodepth, Focus, Solidegeo 7.Understand basin genetics, integration of structure and stratigraphy, hydrocarbon systems evolution 8.Familiarity with reservoir modeling 9.Familiar with seismic processing for QC/QA purposes 10.Familiarity with seismic direct hydrocarbon indicators Responsibility: 1.Interpreting different styles of structural deformation, depositional environment indicators, and integrating structural style with stratigraphic evolution 2.Assessing reservoir architecture through detailed mapping, cross-sectional analyses and 3D modeling, ability to use 3D modeling to plan well trajectories 3.Evaluation/interpretation of well data (wire line logs, mud logs, core and cuttings samples), and time/depth conversion, data acquisition and processing 4.Working knowledge of volume based interpretation and seismic attribute analysis 5.Working with petrophysicist to ensure log interpretations are consistent 6.Collaboratively working with reservoir, drilling, & production engineers to integrate appropriate information into thorough economic analyses of exploration & development projects Tiandi Energy is a world leader in providing teams of high quality, experienced professionals to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our focus is on investment and development analysis for new assets as well as production improvement for existing assets. By drawing on the large pool of highly qualified petroleum professionals, Tiandi Energy helps a large quantity of well-known North American oil and gas companies to enhance their workforce or outsource their technical processes. We are eagerly seeking experienced professionals to join Tiandi Energy. As members of Tiandi Energy, you will have the opportunity to join a world class team and will have international exposure on multinational projects. We care about our employees well being and development. And we offer competitive compensation and a complete welfare package, intensive personal training and career path plan to every employee. For more information, please visit the website: careers.tiandienergy.comEmail:


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